Who can use Soldplicity?

Everyone with an interest in the real estate industry can use Soldplicity!

This includes but is not limited to buyers, sellers, renters, for sale by owners, landlords, property managers, real estate agents, real estate brokerages, lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and home inspectors, interior designer, stagers, moving companies, storage unit facilities etc.

Soldplicity's listings are made publicly viewable to everyone without cost.


01Free Education, Support and Seminars
Soldplicity™ is a "how to" site with content rich manuals, editorials, scripts, and webinars so consumers can privately sell, buy or rent any sort of real estate without the worry that they don't know what they are doing.

Selling or buying a home is a daunting experience and not as easy as some may want you to believe. If you need to sell on your own, the experience can seem overwhelming, scary and intimidating. Soldplicity was created to take away those anxieties and replace them with education and support.

Soldplicity provides FREE training seminars in any city in Canada! With a minimum requirement of 100 people, Soldplicity will come to your city and provide a FREE two hour seminar. Some of the seminar topics are, How To Pick The Right Price for Your Home, Personal Safety While Selling Your Home Privately, How to Hold an Open House, How to Work With a Real Estate Agent or How to Qualify a Buyer. If you are interested in attending or scheduling a training seminar in your area please contact us via the Contact Us request form.

Soldplicity provides support for Real Estate Agents. Being a good real estate agent is very rewarding but it can be very demanding and exhaustive. The expenses are huge and the hours are very long and it is sometimes a very thankless job. Soldplicity wants to work with all real estate agents by providing a FREE advertising medium. Real estate agents can post as many of their MLS® listings that they want for FREE and until the property sells! Most for sale by owner sites do NOT promote the services of a real estate agent and will not allow any personal marketing by a real estate agent. Other free sites that real estate agents use to advertise their listings are done so in breach. Within the Terms of Use, it clearly states that no listing shall be posted by a third party.

Soldplicity welcomes the services of real estate agents, encourages personal marketing, and allows real estate agents to advertise as many listings as they want. Soldplicity welcomes any feedback that real estate agents may offer because it is a well known fact that many private sellers may need an agent at some point. Most sellers and buyers don't know how to choose an agent or where to find one that matches their needs. Soldplicity wants to improve the working relationship between the private seller and the Realtor® by providing education and support to both parties while respecting the relationship boundaries between the two. Soldplicity enjoys providing an excellent product and is willing to provide support for all sides within the Real Estate Industry.


02Preferred Agent Directory
Soldplicity™ provides a referral directory of Preferred Real Estate Agents just in case a seller or buyer finds themselves needing the services of a good agent.

Soldplicity focuses on education and support for the private seller who needs to sell their home privately and needs to save the commission. Soldplicity's intention is not to discriminate against the use of any real estate agents or discredit the services they provide. It is a fact that majority of consumers who try to sell privately end up listing their home with a real estate agent. Although Soldplicity provides a vast amount of education and support, selling and buying privately is no simple task. After trying to sell or buy privately, sellers and buyers may find themselves needing the services of good Real Estate Agent and Soldplicity's Preferred Agent Directory helps consumers with their decision.


03Professional Directory
Soldplicity™ provides a comprehensive real estate directory of all professionals within the real estate industry.

Soldplicity is a trusted real estate source for the consumer and continually works very hard to compile a Professional Directory of any service that could be of benefit to the consumer. If you would like to see a service that is not included we would like to hear from you, you may contact us via the Contact Us email form. Or if you would like to advertise your service we would be happy to offer it and share it with our users.


04Co-operative Listing Network™
Soldplicity™ is a Co-operative Listing Network™. Soldplicity's definition of a co-operative listing network is a network of people and businesses willingly sharing information within a specific industry and having all shared information publicly available at no cost.

Soldplicity is an effective advertising medium where anyone can post their real estate listings for FREE. All information shared by everyone within the real estate industry such as buyers, sellers, renters, for sale by owners, landlords, property managers, real estate agents, real estate brokerages, bankers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and home inspectors etc, Soldplicity will make publicly available to everyone without cost. Soldplicity's co-operative listing network will benefit for sale by owners, buyers, renters, appraisers and real estate agents. For sale by owners will be able to pick an accurate list price for their home, buyers will not pay too much for a home when they see what others have sold for, renters will know what fair rental rates are, appraisers and real estate agents will have an additional source of sold comparable data that the Multiple Listing System may not have.


05Sold Comparables
Soldplicity also offers listings of recently sold properties. Soldplicity designs, collects and continually grows a data base of all sales within the real estate industry and makes these listings publicly available at no cost.

Every time any user of this site sells their posted listing of their home, condo, acreage, recreational home, either with a real estate agent or privately, the sold information will be stored. The stored information will be listed as sold so all consumers can see what other houses like theirs are selling for. This valuable information is what the real estate industry does not want the public to have access to. Until the creation of Soldplicity, anyone selling privately was forced to use an appraiser or real estate agent to find out what their home was worth. Now, Soldplicity™ empowers consumers to have their own sold comparable data bank.

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