What does Soldplicity do?

Information Sharing

Information Sharing

The business model that Soldplicity aligns itself is with a Co-operative Listing Network™ that willingly shares information and is publicly available at no cost.

Property Listings

Property Listings

Soldplicity provides listings of Recently Sold properties, and economical advertising opportunities to promote a posted listing such as Feature Status, Listing Bump-ups and Listing Gallery Showcase.

Buyers Guides

Resources & Education

Soldplicity provides an easy to navigate site filled with support and knowledge for both the consumer and the Real Estate Agent.

Soldplicity provides education with content rich materials such as guides for buyers & sellers, editorials and scripts.

Soldplicity provides support with its Free Training Seminars which allow personal interaction with a trainer to get all your questions answered.

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Soldplicity has online support by offering advice from expert professionals within the industry to answer any questions that may require immediate attention.

Preferred Agents

Directory of Preferred Agents

Soldplicity is continually growing its Preferred Agents Directory.

Professional Services

Directory of Professional Services

Soldplicity is also committed to continually growing its Professionals Directory.

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