COMPLETE Buyers Guide

COMPLETE Buyers Guide

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Complete Buyers Guide bundles the following popular Buyers Guides into one package:

  1. How to Buy a Home
  2. Choosing a Real Estate Agent
  3. Choosing a Lawyer
  4. Buying a Home with Defects
  5. Questions Buyers Need to Ask
  6. Choosing a Home Inspector
  7. Writing an Offer
  8. Removing Conditions & Removal of Condition Form

Note: you will need a file extractor to unzip this file. If you do not have one, the following sites offer free file extractors: hopes this additional information will help remove any anxieties or fears you may have and provide you with valuable education and support. It is impossible to cover it all, but should you want to have more information on any other topic please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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