What is the Lead Generator?

The Lead Generator is another avenue that our Preferred Agents can use to gather more clients, book more appointments and close more sales!

The Lead Generator is our Free Market Evaluation form that potential future clients may complete and send directly to the agent that best suits their needs and personality.

When a Private Seller is thinking of listing their home or just wants a market evaluation most don't know where to begin.  It is a proven fact that most for sale by owners end up listing their home with real estate agents, and Soldplicity makes it real easy for the Private Sellers to do this.  This also, makes the real estate agent's job of prospecting a lot easier.

An American based company within the real estate industry called Market Leader solicits real estate agents to pay for generic leads.  They charge approximately $400 a month or $40 a lead if they were to send you a lead.  However, Soldplicity believes that real estate agents have high enough fees and overhead, so we have made our Lead Generator included in the price of the subscription.  Incredible Value!

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