Can I compare listings side by side?

Yes you certainly can compare listings, however they need to be in the same province.

Under the main Listings menu at the top of the page select either Residential or Rural.

Next select the Province you wish to search.

To refine your search even more, you may select other criteria search options.

Click Search.


In the listings page you will see the text Compare with a small box to the left, both located directly below the listing title.

Click in this box, and the site will save this listing for you to compare with other listings from within the same Province.

You will now see at the bottom of your page a Listings for comparison box.

Once you have selected 2 or more listings to compare, click on Compare All to see your listings side by side.

The comparison page will load your comparisons horizontally 3 listings wide.

Should you choose to compare more than 3 listings you will be able to view them by using the horizontal scroll bar at the top & bottom of the comparison box.

To remove a listing from the comparison simply click on the red delete icon beside the listing title name.

To clear all the listings from your comparison, click on the Remove All button in the Listing for comparison box at the bottom of your page.


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