Writing a Successful Ad

Writing a good ad doesn't sell anything, people sell.  An ad only gets the buyers to call.

There are four important factors to writing a successful ad, which is to catch the reader's attention, peak buyer's interest, create a desire to call and prompt them to take action.

Four Important Factors to Writing a Successful Ad

It all starts with the headline of the ad which must catch the attention of any reader and make them want to finish reading it.

Writing a good ad peaks the buyers interest about the home and makes them curious enough that they have a desire to call the seller.

Then the buyer is prompted to take action and set up an appointment to view and write an offer if they are a qualified buyer.

If the ad has too much information given about the home the buyers will not call because you have answered all of their questions.  If too little information is provided in the ad then it is unable to peak any buyer's interest.

Therefore, a successful ad must catch the attention of any reader, peak the buyers interest, stimulate a desire to call, and prompt any buyer to take action.

Foundation of a Good Ad

The foundation of a good ad is dependent on a several critical criteria points that must be in your ad in order to make the buyers want to call.  The important information facts that must be in the ad should be broken down from the most important to the least important according to the reader.

There are some basic do's and don'ts when writing your ad.

For example, don't leave the price out of the ad because most buyers decide which houses to call on by the amount of money they can afford.

However, do leave the numbers of bedrooms out of the ad as it may prompt the buyers to call because they need that information.

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