Showing Buyers Your Home

Scripts are extremely important tools to have and use if you want to be successful in selling your home.

Dealing with buyers and knowing how to communicate with them is critical because it gives the buyer a chance to get to know who you are and allows them to trust what you are saying is the truth.

This script will help you gain rapport with any buyer coming to your home and will give you the confidence you need to sell your home.

Real estate agents work hard mastering these scripts to be the best in their industry, with practice and repetition you will also become effective in speaking to buyers and real estate agents while selling privately.

Dialogue to Use While You are Showing Buyers Around

You have set up the showing, made a wonderful first impression and are now about to gain further rapport.  The impression that the buyers have of your home will be at this stage.

This script is very effective because it enables you to get to know about the needs of the buyer and it highlights an important part in the sales process which is building a relationship with these buyers.

If there are any Patent or Latent defects this would be the time to disclose them.  Also, if you have trouble gaining control when buyers look at your home, this script will help you. 

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