All Scripts for Dealing with Agents

Attached are all the dialogues you will need to be successful in selling your home while speaking with real estate agents and negotiating their commission.

These dialogues are critical to selling your home because it will give you the confidence you need to know how to negotiate with agents when they want to sell your home.

Real estate agents work hard mastering many types of scripts to be the best in their industry.  Now Sellers can enjoy the same scripts real estate agents use on a daily basis.

What Agents May Say When They Call You on the Phone

Although, the general relationship in the past, between the for sale by owners and real estate agents, has been very awkward the dialogue between these two groups fortunately is slowly starting to change.

Some sellers may not know what to say to a real estate agent while others may feel uncertain about how to navigate the call.  Although most private sellers are open to the possibility of working with an agent and many will consider paying an agent a small selling commission.

Soldplicity provides the private seller with the same tools that real estate agents have so they may be successful in selling privately.  For sale by owners are becoming more and more successful in selling their own homes because they are combining the control of listing their home privately with the selling services of agents.

The purpose of this section is to give the private seller a detail script of what the phone call conversation might sound like with a real estate agent.

Soldplicity describes why agents might be calling and how the private seller can benefit from this call without listing the home.  Most real estate agents sincerely do want to help, so listen to what they have to say, this document will be very beneficial for you.

Private sellers will have more success selling their own home if they use some of the services real estate agents provide. Soldplicity shows you how to get what you want without having to list your home.

What to Say When an Agent Brings an Offer on Your Home

The purpose of this section is to outline what a conversation may be like with an agent who calls to tell you he has an offer for you and that he would like to be compensated for his work.

Understanding this conversation will help eliminate any insult, frustration or annoyance for the private seller and clear open dialogue will be enjoyed by both parties.

After all, sellers want to sell their homes and agents want to sell it for them, there just needs to be simple dialogue to establish some common ground.

This document critically important to any private seller who does not want to list their home with a real estate agent but needs the assistance of an agent.

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