Safety Issues When Selling

The biggest lure to selling your home privately is to save thousands of dollars in commission; however, one of the largest concerns is the safety of you and your family.

The well-being of your family and safety of your home is controversial depending who you speak with.  Soldplicity believes that you really don't have anything to worry about provided you are well educated about some of the serious safety issues that exist when you are selling privately.

Our world is changing, and the 'good ole days' of not locking your doors and knowing your neighbor is gone. Soldplicity's opinion of Safety of Family and Property is one of our primary focuses throughout this site.

Areas of Concern Sellers Should Know About

There are several areas that the seller must exercise extra caution when selling a home privately or with an Agent.

They are in the areas of, Photographs, Content within your Ad, Screening the Buyers, Showing the Property, Open Houses, and the Security System.  So do your research in these areas of potential loss of safety.

Valuable content covered in the purchased document:

(a) Photographs

What types of photographs are safe for the internet and newspaper?

(b) Content within your ad

How can my content within my Ad cause a breach of safety?

(c) Screening the buyers

How will I know if the buyers have ill intentions?

(d) Showing the property

What should I do if I am alone showing the property?

(e)   Open houses

How am I supposed to know who shows up?

(f) Security system

If I have an alarm system am I safe?


Soldplicity has detailed some precautions and has done the research for you.  If you live alone, have children or are elderly you will find this download very informative.

Soldplicity's paramount concern is for the safety of you, your family and your property. 

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