Qualifying Your Buyers

One of the most frustrating and daunting aspects of selling your home privately is dealing with buyers. Many sellers just don't know what to say, or what they are allowed to ask of a buyer.

Some sellers just don't feel that it is their place to ask uncomfortable questions about the buyers financing or why the buyers want to buy.  The buyers in our market place are very intelligent and have done their research about your community and your location.

Sellers are educating themselves on the market, advertising and hosting open houses.  However, a couple weaknesses sellers still have are safety at their open houses, dialogue with buyers, and how to qualify the buyer before showing them the home.

Why do I Need to Ask Qualifying Questions?

Sellers will have more success in selling their own homes if they would be more prepared and comfortable to ask the tough questions.  The PDF purchase available gives the seller a clear understanding why these questions are so important.

Soldplicity also provides possible answers the buyers may give and what their answers will tell you about the buyer coming into your home.  Once a seller has a clear understanding, they will no longer feel uncomfortable.

These simple questions are easy to ask, not aggressive, nor will they leave you feeling uncomfortable.  Currently, there are 18 extensive questions with answers and explanations.

Qualifying Your Buyer is a detailed set of questions that will show which buyers are motivated and serious from those who don't have the money and are wasting your time.  This will eliminate any frustration sellers may feel and will help the sellers sell their home faster with very little inconvenience.

Asking some or all of the questions and using the explanations that Soldplicity provides, this will help you decide if you are comfortable letting the buyer into your home.

Be safe, be smart, and have some fun!

Available at our Store: Qualifying Your Buyers - $1.99

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