Dialogue Negotiating Agent Commission

All real estate agents belong to a brokerage.  A real estate brokerage is the office that an agent belongs to and the name of the brokerage can be found on the agent's business card.  Each brokerage has policies regarding commission.

When a real estate agent brings you an offer on your home, and wants to be compensated so he can pay his bills, how can they be faulted for working just like you?

Is there a Set Standard for Real Estate Commissions?

There is no set standard price for real estate commissions.  Commissions are negotiable.  A problem that sellers have is they don't know what is fair to offer as a selling commission.

In speculation, if an average selling commission is around $5,000 then a $500 private seller’s finder fee may be quite insulting to the agent.  The dialogue in this section helps sellers to understand how to eliminate these questions and work effectively when dealing with a real estate agents commission.

What if I can't Afford to Pay any Commission?

In today's economy a very common situation is that most sellers do not have any extra money within their profits to give away any selling commission, even if they want to.

So then what? Each problem is different and each solution will be different depending on the situation.  If there is not enough money to pay everything within the transaction, real estate agents are professionals and could lend their experience to helping solve this issue.

How will this document benefit me?

Soldplicity provides a detailed outline of what a conversation may be like with an agent who calls to tell you he has an offer for you and that he would like to be compensated for his work.

Understanding this conversation about commissions will help eliminate any insult, frustration or annoyance for the private seller.  After all, sellers want to sell their homes and agents want to sell it for them, there just needs to be simple dialogue to protect the private seller and establish some common ground.

Soldplicity shows the private seller how to use the services of an agent to sell the home quicker and still put top dollar in their pocket.

Negotiating a real estate agents services and commission is done by the use of scripts.  With tough economic times before us, we all need to work a little closer together.

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