How to Hold an Open House

When real estate agents list your home, they have so many resources already in place to immediately start marketing and advertising your home.  A for sale by owner has to work a little harder to market and advertise their home.

Many sellers just don’t know what they need to do to be effective in selling their home.  Soldplicity has provided a who, what, when, where, and why, to having an open house so the sellers can clearly see what needs to be done and why it is so important.

Valuable content covered in the purchased document:

a) Who Should I Target to come to My Open House?

There is nothing more frustrating to any seller who spends their money, gives their time and effort only to have no one show up at their open house.  Soldplicity describes who should be targeted to come to an open house, so your time and money are not wasted.

b) What do I Need to Host an Open House?

If you are willing to take the time that is needed and give maximum amount of effort that is required to host a good open house, then you will reap the rewards by saving the commission and selling privately.

c) When is the Best Time to Have an Open House?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into holding an effective open house and Soldplicity breaks it down so it is simple, cost effective, and is driven by positive results.

d) Where Should I advertise an Open House?

An open house is another way to advertise your property which costs very little money.

e) Why should I have an Open House?

It is the most effective way to show your home to the maximum amount of buyers in the shortest period of time.


In this PDF download, Soldplicity describes who should be targeted to come to an open house, what things are needed when preparing for an open house, when is the best time to have one, and where should it be advertised.

If you don’t have a large advertising budget, need to get the most money from the sale of your home and need to sell fast, this document is for you.

If holding an open house is something you think you may want to try, then get ready to have a successful open house and be prepared to get your home sold!

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