Steps to Buy a House: Writing an Offer

steps to buy a house - writing an offer

Steps to Buy a House:  What is an Offer?

One of the major steps to buy a house; an offer is a real estate contract that is a written contract between two parties, the buyer and the seller, whereby the seller agrees to sell the property and the buyer agrees to purchase the property.

The offer to purchase or sales agreement is a legally binding written obligation entered into by both parties which, under general contract law, should have all the legal requirements to be enforceable.

Steps to Buy a House: How do I Write an Offer?

There are clauses and phrases within the real estate contract that should be included to help protect the seller when selling and the buyer when buying.  When both parties are being represented by a real estate agent then it is the duty of the agent to protect the interest of the buyer and seller.

However, if both the buyer and seller are not being represented by any agent then the responsibility of protection remains with the private buyer or the private seller.

Following the steps to buy a house to selling and buying privately is an intricate process with many steps and many precautions are needed, that is why the majority of buyers and sellers opt to use the services of a real estate agent.

The examples of the clauses and phrases provided is not intended to replace any professional legal advice and the use is only intended to be that of samples which could be acceptable depending on the particular offer.

Soldplicity accepts no responsibility or liability for their usage, suitability or accuracy.  Every real estate transaction has different circumstances that may require unique wording to protect the parties involved; seeking legal advice is not only encouraged but highly recommended.

Steps to Buy a House: What does this PDF Contain?

The purpose of this PDF section is to give numerous sample phrases and clauses that are used within the offer and will protect the interests of both the private buyer and seller.

Soldplicity's purpose is to provide as many steps to buy a house & as much information as possible so buyers and sellers have enough education to protect themselves when they decide to buy or sell privately.

The simple clauses and phrases are easy to understand and are used by real estate agents so they can protect their clients, why shouldn't you use them too?

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