Steps to Buy a House: Choosing a Real Estate Agent

steps to buy a house - choosing a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent is just as important as picking a dentist, choosing your doctor or deciding which schools to send your children to. It is astounding to know how many people do not put much thought into the real estate agent they are hiring to help them with the largest investment of their lives and follow the steps to buy a house.

Steps to Buy a House: Why is Choosing an Agent so Important?

Let's suppose an average price range to buy or sell a home is around $300,000. We would compare purchasing a home to that of purchasing a car at $40,000 or a hot tub at $10,000 or jewelery, such as a wedding ring, at $10,000; your home purchase is by far the largest investment you may ever make in your entire life!

The decision to hire the right real estate agent is then one of the biggest steps to buy a house & largest decisions you may need to make and should be taken very seriously! A common misconception that all real estate agents do pretty much the same thing is not true.

Soldplicity has provided numerous probing questions for your purchase which will open enough dialogue for both the consumer and the real estate agent to see if both parties would be a good match to work together.

Steps to Buy a House: How Do so Many People Pick the Wrong Real Estate Agent?

Many people who pick the wrong real estate agent have actually been referred to that agent by a friend or family member. In any business model, referrals are the leading way to do business. Even though you have been referred to a real estate agent, you still must do your due diligence and confirm that the real estate agent's personality will suit yours and that the real estate agent's experience level will benefit your situation.

Steps to Buy a House: How Do I Pick the Right Agent?

Consumers who had a bad experience by choosing the wrong real estate agent all made the same fundamental mistake. Consumers don't ask enough questions of their real estate agents and just assume too much.

When consumers see real estate agents' faces on billboards, bus benches, newspapers, and flyers they make a visual assumption that the agent looks friendly. A second assumption is that the real estate agent must be doing well financially therefore concluding that they must be a good agent.

If you ended up with the wrong real estate agent, it doesn't necessarily mean that the agent wasn't capable of getting the job done, nor does it mean that they weren't good friendly people. It is simple, not enough of the right questions were asked to make an informed decision about the real estate agent you were about to hire.

Following the proper steps to buy a house by asking the right questions and choosing the Right Agent will make for a wonderful selling and or buying experience

Soldplicity has provided over 25 hard hitting questions most real estate agents hope you don't ask. This is a good list to have when interviewing your next agent.

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