Privacy Policy

In the collection of confidential information, Soldplicity developed this privacy policy to explain why and how information is collected, used and stored.

Soldplicity will update this privacy policy from time to time making all significant revisions available on Soldplicity's website. It would be prudent to periodically visit this policy to review any changes.

All questions, privacy concerns, changes to any personal information that Soldplicity may contain in its files or feedback regarding our privacy document will be sent directly to Soldplicity's Privacy Compliance Officer.

The Privacy Officer

The designated Privacy Compliance Officer is the Chief Executive Officer for Soldplicity Incorporated. The Privacy Compliance Officer will respond to your questions, concerns, requests or feedback comments via our email form on the Contact Us page.

Soldplicity will not disclose your private information to anyone. Soldplicity ensures the confidentiality of your information as only Administration employees with a valid business reason will have access to the information and will be done so on a need to know basis.

From time to time a request for information by law enforcement officials, government agencies, or subpoenas for documents that was issued by the courts will be directed to Soldplicity's Compliance Officer who will assess whether this information must be disclosed.

All of Soldplicity's postings, web logs, and other records will be indefinitely stored in our database. Even after the appearance of being deleted this information will be still accessible but may be archived somewhere else.

By willingly posting any information on Soldplicity's site you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that Soldplicity puts forth.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is any private information that can identify a person as an individual by their date of birth, passport number, credit card information, social insurance, social security, green card and/or drivers' license number. Any business or personal information that is normally found on a business card or in a telephone directory is not classified as personal information.

Soldplicity does not store any credit card information as all financial transactions are transmitted to a secure financial gateway. Soldplicity takes extra precautions to protect your credit card information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Soldplicity may disclose a user's personal information to law enforcement officers or others to enforce our terms and conditions. Upon a report of abuse or violation of any kind, Soldplicity will respond or act accordingly to protect the rights, personal safety, and property of Soldplicity users, third parties, and the general public.

The Type of Information Collected by Soldplicity

Due to the nature of the services that Soldplicity offers, all property listing information and contact information that is willingly provided will be entered and displayed on the public domain. Any personal information that you want to kept private please do not post it on Soldplicity as all posted listings will be seen in the public domain.

Our web logs will collect standard information so that we may service your requests or concerns and provide feedback comments in response to any of your questions or requests. In doing so Soldplicity may collect emails, phone numbers, fax numbers, and possibly addresses.

Soldplicity maintains details of any commercial, domestic, and rural real estate/rental transactions, including the property address, legal description, property taxes, property details, real estate photography, rental rates, listing and selling prices, and listing and selling dates. This information collected is intended to create a data bank of co-operative real estate listings/rentals and co-operative real estate sold comparables to provide statistical analysis for the public's use.

Soldplicity does not maintain any information about commissions paid or saved in any closed real estate transactions as the information would be impossible to collect due to the variance in commission structures. Soldplicity cautions that any commission information that is purported, except by Real Estate Associations, should not be relied upon as accurate or useful.

Soldplicity does not use tracking devices without the consent of the user.

How Your Information is Collected, Used, and Stored

All information collected by Soldplicity is done so voluntarily and willingly by the consumer. Soldplicity uses this consumer driven information to maintain and grow a database of domestic, rural, and commercial real estate/rentals to provide statistical information to the consumer.

All this information is stored in electronic format on Soldplicity's computer system that requires a password to gain access. Any paper files or reports that may need to be generated are stored physically at Soldplicity's Head Office and are located in locked filing cabinets.

Your private information is not shared with third parties for marketing purposes; Soldplicity does not have any pop up ads or commercial banner advertising.

Registered users can access and update their personal information and their classified postings at any time by accessing the account homepage. Soldplicity keeps your account information password encrypted, is unable to retrieve it for you, so you are reminded to keep your password in a safe place and do not share it with anyone.

Soldplicity encourages all users to read the privacy policies of each and every web site that may be linked to Soldplicity and cautions that Soldplicity is not responsible for any third party privacy policy.

Although the Soldplicity user voluntarily provides consent to use their personal information, the user may withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions.

Even though every fiduciary effort is made to store the information in a secure operating system that is not available to the public, Soldplicity cannot guarantee complete security.

International Users

It is clearly understood that any data collected in the course of a relationship with Soldplicity will be done so outside the resident jurisdiction of the user. Currently, Soldplicity's servers are located in the United States. By willingly providing data to Soldplicity, the international user understands and consents to the transfer, use and storage of such data.

Privacy Policy Summary

All personal information that Soldplicity collects on its users is done so voluntarily and with the consent of the consumer. It is the responsibility of each user that all their private information is kept current and accurate by allowing the consumer to have full accessibility to their own private information. This information is stored in a secure operating system that is not available to the public. Although every effort is made to ensure that all private information stays private, Soldplicity cannot guarantee absolute security. Soldplicity does not store any credit card information as all financial transactions are transmitted to a secure financial gateway.

Soldplicity takes extra precautions to protect your credit card information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. The designated Privacy Compliance Officer can be contacted via our email form on the Contact Us page.

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